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Meet Our Team - The Dentist

We asked our dentist Dr Joseph Hollywood some quick questions so that you can learn a little more about the team here at Blackall Terrace Dental, Nambour.

There are similar posts coming up from the whole team, so keep an eye out on here and remember to like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date. Read our quick chat with Dr Joseph Hollywood, our practice principal, below.

When did you qualify as a dentist? 2012

Dental Loupes

Name something you like about your job Getting to know my patients

What are those strange goggles you wear? They are my dental loupes which give me a 4.5 times magnification. They help me to assess patients teeth thoroughly and to give the highly detailed treatment that I think is so important.

What's something you're proud of? Moving to Australia and Blackall Terrace Dental!

Three words that describe you as a dentist. Thorough, passionate and... gentle?

Sounds good! Where did you qualify? The University of Birmingham, England

Something important that your patients should understand The treatment I propose. I really try to help patients understand their dental issues first, so that they can make an informed and positive decision about the options I suggest.

How do you do that? It's largely about dedicating the time for every patient and having that discussion with them. I also use high definition intra-oral photography which patients tell me they appreciate seeing during their assessment visits.

Dentist Dr Joseph Hollywood in Nambour at The Pottery Studio

Favourite place to eat in Nambour? Probably Mill Street Kitchen, when I get the chance to visit!

What did you do at the weekend?

I went to The Pottery Studio (just around the corner from us) with some friends and made an oil burner.

Name something you like to do. Going for walks or hikes around the Sunshine Coast and hinterland. Just exploring everything nearby and learning about all of the nature and history of the place.

Surf or swim? Swim but would like to surf.

Thanks for spending the time answering these questions.

You're welcome!


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