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Children's Dentist Nambour Sunshine Coast

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

in Nambour

The safe removal of unnecessary or problem wisdom teeth can help to prevent or resolve associated problems.

When it comes to wisdom tooth extractions, we understand the unique considerations that young smiles require. Our expert team in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast is skilled in assessing the growth and position of these molars, ensuring that your child's smile continues to flourish without any impediments.

What To Expect

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40 minutes

Bespoke to your needs

The emergence of wisdom teeth is a crucial milestone in dental development, but can cause issues throughout a person's life.

We approach each wisdom tooth extraction with precision and care using the latest techniques and technologies. Our individualised treatment plans take into account the specific needs of your tooth, it's location in the jaw, proximity to the nerve canal and the impact on future development or dental need.

With the option for conscious sedation or "happy gas", your wisdom tooth extraction at Blackall Terrace Dental in Nambour can be a positive one, making sure you achieve a happy, healthy smile!

Dental Exam and Cleaning Plaque Removal


Say goodbye to wisdom teeth woes. Experience painless removal of impacted wisdom teeth with our expert care and option for happy gas.

Outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect the outcomes that other people may experience.


Now Available: Conscious Sedation

Speak to your dentist in Nambour today to discover how conscious sedation or 'happy gas' may help throughout your dental treatment.

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