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Post Extraction Guide

Tooth extractions are one type of dental treatment that can be provided for a variety of needs including emergency issues, transitioning into dentures or implants and to assist with orthodontic treatment. Following extraction, it is vitally important to look after the area, as this will assist with an effective healing. Learn more below how to care for the area afterwards by following our post extraction instructions below.

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First Gauze Pack

A gauze pack will have been placed over the extracted site to limit bleeding and confine the blood as it begins to clot. You should bite firmly on this pack for 30 minutes following your extraction.

After 30 minutes, very carefully remove and dispose of the gauze.

Additional Gauze Packs

Some oozing of blood after the first gauze pack is removed is possible. However, if the socket is still bleeding freely, use the spare, sterile gauze that you have been provided with.

With washed hands, carefully remove the gauze from it's pack, dampen it with water, place over the socket and bite down firmly for another 30 minutes.

If bleeding continues after this time, please contact the practice on (07) 5441 3583.

Pain Relief

You may take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen according to the manufacturer’s instructions before the anaesthetic wears off. Unless advised by your doctor, do not take aspirin as as it can cause the extraction site to begin bleeding again.

Antibiotics from your doctor will not heal a dry socket or ease the pain. If antibiotics are required for a dental infection, your dentist may prescribe them.


Do not brush the teeth around the area for 24 hours after extraction. You can brush gently after this time but be careful - try not to dislodge the blood clot.

Do not rinse your mouth or spit with force for the first 48 hours after extraction. This can loosen the clot and may slow healing.

Disturbing The Socket

Do not suck on the extraction site or socket and keep your tongue and fingers away from the area.

The Blood Clot

After extraction, a blood clot forms in the tooth socket. This clot is an important part of the healing process so try to avoid activities that might disturb it.

- Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours after extraction.
- Do not consume hot food or beverages for 24 hours after extraction.
- Do not rinse your mouth for 48 hours after extraction.
- Do not smoke for 2 weeks after the extraction.
- Sleep the first night with your head slightly raised and place a towel on your pillow.


Eat soft, nourishing foods and drink plenty of water.

Dry Sockets

Dry sockets occur if the blood clot that normally forms in the socket is washed away or dissolves, exposing the bone underneath. A dry socket causes a constant, throbbing pain which may last for some days.

If you think you are experiencing dry socket, please contact the practice on (07) 5441 3583. Our team will coordinate a Dry Socket visit to ease the pain at no extra cost.

Keep A Copy

To keep a copy of the post-extraction instructions on your own device, follow the link below. Alternatively, contact the team in Nambour on (07) 5441 3583 who can send it to you directly.


Call our team with any questions or to book your next visit.

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