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No-Gap With HCF

Claim 100% back on your regular dental health check.

No-Gap With HCF

What's Included?

Get 100% back on a range of services.

Resets every calendar year.

Up to  2 check-ups, scale and cleans.

One fluoride treatment per year.

Up to 2 mouthguards.

Check eligibility and criteria directly with your fund here.

At Blackall Terrace Dental, we provide exceptional care for all of our patients including offering HCF Extras members up to 100% back on essential dental services.

This package resets every calendar year and ensures your oral health is on track with up to two check-ups per year, where we help you maintain a fresh, healthy smile with regular cleanings. Strengthen your teeth with an annual fluoride application and protect them during sports and other activities with up to two mouthguards.

Experience the highest quality care with us, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your essential dental needs are covered as part of the HCF More for Teeth Program.

Subject to individual levels of cover. Please check with your health fund dirtectly prior to your appointment by visiting HCF here,

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